• A network dedicated to globally promoting "free" and particularly free software.
  • Many services and innovative projects freely put at the disposal of the general public.
  • A community of volunteers supported by an association of public interest.
  • An invitation to build together a world of sharing and cooperation.

What's up on Framasoft?

Press Release

Framasoft and the “De-google-ify Internet” campaign received some attention. Here are some extracts from our Press release.

Date Media Links
26/02/2017 Konrad Lishka Link to the article
24/08/2016 Opensource.com Link to the article
17/10/2016 Worldcrunch Link to the article

A community

A joyful mess

Who is behind Framasoft? Everybody who took part in our projects at some point. It is enough to be eager to promote Open source and license your contribution as open source. It guarantees that it will be added to common good without any risk of seizure.

An association

A bit of cathedrale

Framasoft is based on a law 1901 association (non-profit voluntary association). Up to it to smooth out any rough edges and to ensure that the community can emulate in good conditions. There are eight permanents and it"s mostly financed by individual donations collected on Internet. You can be a member too, but careful, it is more a vocation than a sinecure!


There are lots of ways to participate with us to spread the Free spirit through our numerous projects.

Test, write, moderate, administrate, translate, proofread, relay, code, communicate, promote, raise awareness… Don’t hesitate to join in with us! And thanks in advance…

Support us?

because free as in free speech, not as in free beer

Framasoft would nothing without its volunteer community, but cannot operate without the support of the association which has expenses and employs eight vital employees. Our funding depends on individual donations, that means on you. If you think we deserve it…

Our partners

Framasoft is first and foremost a community of users. Yet, its functioning is distinctly that of a network, of projects, but also of partners..
So, Framasoft receives the support from numerous organisations (public, bussiness, non-profit) allowing our projects to growth and develop. List of all our partners

  • Milliweb
  • FlexiLivre
  • Belledonne Communication

Free software?

Free software is a software that offers and guarantees the following four liberties: usage, study, modification and copying in order to spread (free of charge or not).

This is technically permitted thanks to the access to the code and legally with the free license going with it. Theses four liberties promote transparency, trust, exchange, sharing and collaboration inside communities.

Framasoft provides a directory, USB and DVD keys and a Windows installer to discover these and use them regularly.


The big directory

More than 1600 software, tested, rated and commented by the historical project which has been root to Framasoft. Includes tutorials and comprehensive docs.


Full tank of Freedom in a simple device

With this USB device (or any mobile device) you can use more than a hundred free programs for mobile, for Windows, test and install a GNU/Linux distro or have offline access to Wikipédia in french.


Full tank of Freedom in a DVD

A DVD stuffed with the best free software for Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux (distro included) but also free culture (text, photo, audio and video). Also available as a special School Edition


Massive install

Framapack is a handy tool to pick the best free software for Windows last version.
You select those you want and all the programs are installed in a single convenient step!

Free Culture?

Ease by Internet and digitisation, "free culture" is a evolving culture inspired directly by free software in its spirit and licenses to promote and spread intellectuals works.

It explores various domains such as arts, education, sciences, hardware... These works can then be considered as common goods. The most illustrative example is the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.

In this context, Framasoft offers you a blog, a publising house a video platform, a website dedicated to free music as well as an original collaborative translation service.

"Because it will be one of the biggest missed opportunities of our era if the free software doesn"t free anything else than code."


News from « Libre »

Weekly column on Libre and libre software. Debate, open comments, many translations and news announcements about all the activities of the Framasoft network.


Betting on free books

Our publishing house includes around twenty publications about free software, programming for beginners, thoughts on copyrights but also comics and even a novel. A free book provides the reader with the same freedom as free software.


A free digital library

Our library includes a few hundreds of free or public domain publications. It is available online on mobile platforms. You can add it directly to an e-book reading application with the OPDS feed.


Collaborative translation

Translate together, mainly from English to French, with a sense of community and leveraging the power of the Internet and good will of its inhabitants. It can consist in articles, subtitles or even entire books!


Our free « YouTube »

Videos in French (or with French subtitles) about about free softwares and Open source in general. Interviews, conferences, documentaries, tv broadcasts… to get informed but also inform others.


When the music is free

A « free music » is a music that provides the music lover with the same liberty as free software. A dedicated website allows to understand it better, along with a selection to show that quality is also present.

Free services?

Code name: "Framacloud"

Intuitive, registration-free, and directly in your browser, it is a set of online free services and respectful of your personal data. These services are offered in the context of our campaign "De-googl-ify Internet"

You can also install theses on your own server, thus contributing to decentralize Internet. Tutorials are availables in the section Cultiver son jardin (only in french actually) to help you to go for it.


Edit together

Let"s all write together on the same document in a collaborative online editing interface.No registration required, pick a username, a color and let"s go!


A collaborative spreadsheet

Framacalc is to spreadsheet what Framapad is to text editing, working together on the same document in a simple and collaborative way.


Création de questionnaires

Framaforms vous permet de créer les questionaires dont vous avez besoin, que ce soit dans un cadre scolaire, familial ou associatif. Créez vos questions en fonction de vos besoins, des formulaires à choix multiples aux champs de texte libre.


Agenda partagé

Avec Framagenda vous pouvez créer des agendas personnels, professionnels, le planning d´une salle ou des activités de votre organisation, et les partager librement. Vous restez maîtres de vos données, et vous choisissez auprès de qui, où et quand elles s´affichent.


Organise appointments and surveys

Framadate is like Doodle, but free. Nothing is simpler than create an appointment or a survey with registration and invite your associates.


Manage projects

Framaboard is a collaborative project and task manager, using the Kanban system. Its visual system makes it very easy to feel at home, whether you are used to this kind of tool or not.


Create mind maps

An fluid and intuitive interface to create mind maps easily from inside your browser. Particularly relevant for brainstorming or to take notes.


Vector drawing

Create and edit pictures easily online using the SVG open format. Kids love this!


Créer et partager des diaporamas

Framaslides vous permet de créer directement en ligne un diaporama ou une présentation, d’y accéder avec une simple connexion internet, et de la partager.


Ochestrez vos projets collaboratifs

Besoin en même temps d’un pad pour prendre des notes, d’un tableau d’organisation, et d’une vidéo-conférence ? Avec Framaestro, c’est vous qui organisez les outils qu’il vous faut, sur une seule et unique page web.


Framabee is a free and anonymous meta search engine. Your search query is sent to multiple other engines before it is displayed in your browser. The point? Our engine act as a middle-man between you and Google (and others), so that your personal data (IP address, search history, geolocalization, profile) can not be accessed by them.


The free social network

Framasphere is a free social network based on the decentralised Diaspora software. Find your friends on Framasphere – or other Diaspora pods – and discuss with them without being tracked.


Réseau social en 500 caractères

Framapiaf est un service libre de microblogging, basé sur le logiciel décentralisé Mastodon. Retrouvez vos amis sur Framapiaf - ou d’autres instances Mastodon, GNU Social, Friendica - et échangez avec eux sans être pisté.


Collaborative communication

Framateam is a free chat service which allows for team collaboration, notifications, conversations history and research.


Liste de diffusion

Framalistes vous permet de créer des liste de diffusion emails : toute personne s´abonnant à votre liste pourra recevoir les emails qui y sont envoyés, et y participer à son tour. À vous de choisir si cette liste est publique, semi-privée ou privée.



Framatalk vous permet de discuter avec vos amis sans installation complexe de logiciel ni inscription. Tout se passe entre vous et vos amis, directement depuis votre navigateur web.


Decide together

Framavox helps you to make group-based decisions. Start a discussion, share ideas, come to an agreement. Every decision has a clear deadline, so you can be sure to decide on time.


Organize ideas

Framemo allows you to create a board with columns on which anyone can pin colourful notes. Just like Framapad, no registration is required and modifications are made visible and saved continuously.


Prise de notes

Avec Framanotes vous pouvez prendre et conserver des notes, images, liens… et même des fichiers ; et les synchroniser avec tous vos appareils (voire les partager avec des ami⋅e⋅s).


Never miss an article!

Framabag allows you to save articles which you do not have time to read now.


Follow the news

By subscribing to your favorite sites RSS feeds, keep in touch with their latest news with Framanews!


Creat custom maps

Framacarte allows you to draw, label, colour, annotate maps from OpenStreetMap in order to display them on your website or print them.


Online or offline gaming

Framagames is a compilation of free games, some of them online or on PC, tablet, which do not require any installation.


Mining educational game

Framinetestest is a server for the Minetest game, a "sandbox game" in which you build and decompose blocks to modify it and with which you can build your own pedagogical apps.


Share files anonymously

With Framadrop, you are done with attachments too large for the e-mail to be sent. This service allows you to share files efficiently and in a secure way.


Transmit encrypted data

With Framabin, you can share data which only you and the recipient can decrypt, in a very simple way.


Share pictures anonymously

Framapic allows you to easily share pictures, to publish them on Twitter, Facebook… or Framasphere for example!


Online storage

Framadrive allows you to store your files online, synchronize them between your PCs, mobile devices... and share them with whomever you want.



MyFrama est un petit fourre-tout numérique, qui vous permet de conserver et retrouver les liens que vous aimez à la manière de del.ico.us ! Avec un système d´étiquettes et de tri automatique, vous pouvez ranger aisément vos onglets et marque-pages, et utiliser le bouton MyFrama pour retrouver les services Framasoft que vous utilisez !


Host free code

Framagit is a tool for developers. It can host your open source software projects and allows to work on it in a collaborative way.


Hébergement de sites

Framasite vous permet de créer un site web facilement et de l’héberger sur nos serveurs. Aucune publicité ni traquage ne portera atteinte aux données de vos visiteurs et visiteuses.


Hébergement de wikis

Framawiki vous permet de créer un wiki facilement et de l’héberger sur nos serveurs. Aucune publicité ni traquage ne portera atteinte aux données de vos visiteurs et visiteuses.

Cross-disciplinary projects

Discussion areas, purchases, development…

Everything about the whole of the network as well as our think tank and projects under development are grouped together in this section.

Light on…

GéGé, Geektionnerd generator

GéGé, Geektionnerd generator

GéGé, Geektionnerd generator


The Framasoft's forum

Do you have any questions? We (might) have an answer! "If you do not know, ask. If you know, share". Framacolibri is a place where we can share information about Open source.


Our free little shop

The marketplace for physical Framasoft products: Framakey, Framabook, Framadvd but also goodies and t-shirts.


Notre centre de documentation

Pour tout savoir sur l’utilisation des services en ligne que nous proposons et apprendre à travers nos différents guides comment gagner en autonomie.